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Our Bryce Canyon Trip Begins


This is a great view. Samuel loves the carrier we bought him. More pictures to come.


Fun with cousins!!

 We sure do love it when family and especially our fun and crazy cousins come over to visit and play!

Andres thoroughly exhausted himself (and hopefully Luke and Ayva) wrestling around!  It’s good practice for when Sammy gets older.  Sammy and Pearce primarily sat back and watched  the mayhem but they did join in a little.

Luke and Ayva were loving the fact that Andres was their own personal playmat!

We decided the babies needed to join in this fun too!

I love Ayva’s face and the fact that Luke and Sam are looking in her direction, probably wondering what that crazy girl is doing and little baby Pearce is just minding his own business.

This game is always a winner!

Sammy loves the shoulder rides!

Or maybe he just love the opportunity to suck and drool on Daddy's head!

Ayva was very proud of this picture she took and Sammy actually held still

Sammy sure does love his cousin Ayva!  She’s so good to him and plays with him so nicely!

We are going to miss you guys!!!

Good Morning Again

Sammy in the morning on his belly.

Can you believe he rolled over in his crib!

 I woke up in the morning an found our little Samuel on his belly! Looks like I’m going to have to lower it so he doesn’t climb out!

Much thanks to my Trainer….

Well, here you have it!

  Over the weekend I rode in a 40 mile women only bike race and this cute, little guy helped me get ready.  For several weeks now he patiently played and slept in our bike trailer for up to two hours at times, as I rode and rode trying to prepare myself.  He was a great companion and I was so glad I was able to do this race.

Last year I did 15 miles in this same race with this little guy inside, it’s hard to believe he’s so big now!

Just starting out, full of energy and ready to go!

My friend Sheri, from Portland (now living in Seattle) came to do the race with me.  We had a great time chatting away, enjoying the beautiful scenery and amazing weather!

My sister-in-law let me borrow her amazing road bike...thanks Ana!

This is us at the first rest stop where my family was waiting to cheer us on!

 My parents and brother, Josh were waiting for us at the first rest stop at the 10 mile mark.  We were feeling really good at this point and had yet to experience the grueling uphill and headwind that was awaiting us in another 10 miles.

Here we are crossing the finish line!


Our faces may be smiling but I can tell you that after 3 plus hours on a bike our butts and other parts of our body were screaming!  It’s all part of the fun though and was totally worth it!  We felt quite accomplished!

Andres and Sam patiently waiting to cheer us on!!

Thank you Andres, for getting our bikes ready, unloading and reloading said bikes and waking up super early so we could get to the race!

Sammy doing what he does best....chewing on something!

Sammy got to hang-out with his cousin William and aunt Ana during the race. Don't they look thrilled?

I love how their arms are cute!!!

Cute cousins

William got a hold of some chocolate