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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Do Whatever I Want!

And that’s exactly what he did….well, with a little help from me.

The said birthday was over three weeks ago on Sept. 1st, sorry for the delay

Anyway, we had a great day!

1st we went swimming with Grandma Ward in the morning, then when Andres got home he put up the hammock to play in and then Sammy got sight of the blackberry bushes and the rest is history.

We can hardly believe this little boy is already 1!

It has been an amazing year full of lots of laughter, some tears and much growth on all accounts!

Samuel is truly a blessing in our lives.  He brings us so much joy!  It’s incredible watching him learn and explore.  He is most definitely a determined little guy and curious too.  I think his motto should be, “Why go around something when you can go over it!”

We Love You Sammy!

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Apricots, Apricots….cont’d

Sammy got into the box of apricots we picked and this was the result….one just wasn’t good enough, why not try them all.

Rexburg Rush Triathlon

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Bear Lake, how I’ve missed thee…

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