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Sammy’s Muscles

Sam wanted to wear daddy’s belt.  Then he wanted to wear a green necklace. Then he showed off his muscles. I have no idea what goes through his head.



Veteran’s Day–Fun in the leaves–Happy Birthday William!

Today Sammy’s cousin William turns 2, which is a pretty sweet birthday if you ask me….11/11/11!

It’s also an important day because it’s Veteran’s Day.  A man in our ward who escaped post-World War II East Germany frequently makes the statement that “Freedom isn’t free”.  I know I’ve heard that before but it really is true.  How grateful I am for the thousands of people who have and are sacrificing so much to earn and maintain those freedoms for me and my family!  How grateful I am that I can let my son go play in my front yard essentially worry-free because of the freedoms we enjoy!  I hope and pray that I will never take that for granted!

Now aren’t these boys cute!?!

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Fun at the Park and Wheeler Farm

We had amazing weather in September and most of October, so we tried to take advantage of it the best we could by getting outside at every opportunity.










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Our Visitors from Down Under

In June we had the pleasure of a much awaited visit from our favorite Aussies.  They weren’t here long be we sure did enjoy every minute with Uncle Lynn and Aunt Sam.  I was glad that they got to meet Sammy and it’s pretty obvious from the pictures that he really liked Sam and I’m quite certain she was very fond of him too!  We love you guys!!

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Adventures in Bryce Canyon

Family Adventure #2, which was a lot less wintery and quite a bit warmer than our adventures at the Yurt.

We had a great time getting away, enjoying the beautiful scenery, hiking and being with family.

Enjoy the pics!

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The Yurt – Mission Accomplished

Well, this was our first real family adventure since Samuel joined us and it was a mission accomplished indeed!!! All I can say is, “We Did It!!!!” Some of our friends can appreciate this accomplishment because they have done it before. We’ve both done it twice before as well but I know we were in much better shape those times and somehow one forgets how difficult the endless 4.5 mile climb up Millcreek Canyon is. But oh, what a beautiful feeling it was to struggle up the last hill and see the yurt welcoming us home.
Andres really deserves all the credit since he’s the one who hauled Sammy up in the sled the entire 4.5 mile, 4 hour climb (however, I guess I did haul that little guy around for 9 months, which deserves a little credit too)! When I say up though, I mean uphill practically the entire way. There were a few flat spots and one down hill which is immediately followed by the most grueling uphill. I truly believe the only things that got us up there were sure willpower and prayer. Sammy was quite the little trooper too and enjoyed the new experiences. In the end, we were glad we did it, despite the blisters and sore, aching muscles, bones and body. The beautiful scenery and the amazing 1 hour trip back down the next day made it all worth it and gave us an even greater appreciation for what we had done the day before. Life is an adventure and in the end I had the feeling that it’s good to challenge ourselves and do hard things!
Samuel in his first sleeping bag! Yes, we took him camping.
Samuel’s family. (Andres, Stacee and Samuel)
The Yurt – Our humble abode for one night. There used to be two feet of snow on the roof until we lit the stove.
That’s at least 7 feet on the restroom.
Our view from the door.
Samuel really didn’t hate the sled as much as this picture depicts. Once we were moving he was fine.
Sammy in sled. Nice and cozy.
The horse. Poor Daddy.
Hot mama trying to stay upright.
The trail. Daddy is speedy.
The picture doesn’t do justice to the beauty.