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Don’t leave him alone


We can’t leave him alone for even a minute.


Sammy’s Muscles

Sam wanted to wear daddy’s belt.  Then he wanted to wear a green necklace. Then he showed off his muscles. I have no idea what goes through his head.


Good Morning and Leave me alone!

Which one is the early bird and which is the night owl?


I Spazzing

Today while Stacee was changing Sammy’s diaper he started flailing his hands and said, “I spazzing.” So funny.



Who knew the Sam likes to drink salsa? Good thing because we love Mexican food!

Veteran’s Day–Fun in the leaves–Happy Birthday William!

Today Sammy’s cousin William turns 2, which is a pretty sweet birthday if you ask me….11/11/11!

It’s also an important day because it’s Veteran’s Day.  A man in our ward who escaped post-World War II East Germany frequently makes the statement that “Freedom isn’t free”.  I know I’ve heard that before but it really is true.  How grateful I am for the thousands of people who have and are sacrificing so much to earn and maintain those freedoms for me and my family!  How grateful I am that I can let my son go play in my front yard essentially worry-free because of the freedoms we enjoy!  I hope and pray that I will never take that for granted!

Now aren’t these boys cute!?!

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Fun at the Park and Wheeler Farm

We had amazing weather in September and most of October, so we tried to take advantage of it the best we could by getting outside at every opportunity.










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