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I’m Awake


Hannah woke up from her nap while camping and roled right off the mattress to play with something.


Brother or Sister?

Veteran’s Day–Fun in the leaves–Happy Birthday William!

Today Sammy’s cousin William turns 2, which is a pretty sweet birthday if you ask me….11/11/11!

It’s also an important day because it’s Veteran’s Day.  A man in our ward who escaped post-World War II East Germany frequently makes the statement that “Freedom isn’t free”.  I know I’ve heard that before but it really is true.  How grateful I am for the thousands of people who have and are sacrificing so much to earn and maintain those freedoms for me and my family!  How grateful I am that I can let my son go play in my front yard essentially worry-free because of the freedoms we enjoy!  I hope and pray that I will never take that for granted!

Now aren’t these boys cute!?!

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Fun at the Park and Wheeler Farm

We had amazing weather in September and most of October, so we tried to take advantage of it the best we could by getting outside at every opportunity.










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Happy Halloween!!

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We had a fun-filled Halloween weekend with our little monkey!

The Birthday Party! (finally)

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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Do Whatever I Want!

And that’s exactly what he did….well, with a little help from me.

The said birthday was over three weeks ago on Sept. 1st, sorry for the delay

Anyway, we had a great day!

1st we went swimming with Grandma Ward in the morning, then when Andres got home he put up the hammock to play in and then Sammy got sight of the blackberry bushes and the rest is history.

We can hardly believe this little boy is already 1!

It has been an amazing year full of lots of laughter, some tears and much growth on all accounts!

Samuel is truly a blessing in our lives.  He brings us so much joy!  It’s incredible watching him learn and explore.  He is most definitely a determined little guy and curious too.  I think his motto should be, “Why go around something when you can go over it!”

We Love You Sammy!

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